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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 18 December 2017

Weather for the week.


After last night’s rain it seems to have chased the wind away and flattened the sea. We expecting an E around midday gusting 19 by the evening with rain forecast in the evening. Max temp 27. Barometer 1010 dropping to 1006. Wave height 1.1 rising to 1.5m period 12.


Rian forecast on and off for most of the day, wind SW gusting 23 early on then dropping throughout the day. Max temp 21. Barometer relatively stable at 1013. P 8


Day starts off with a W then swigs to an E by late morning gusting 9. Max temp 24. Barometer 1013 period 8.


NE first thing swinging to an E early in the afternoon gusting 16 at its peak, rain forecast in the evening. Barometer 1012 dropping to 1005. Wave height 2,3 dropping to 1.8 period 13.


Hooks been bent, reals stripped the Diamonds are still in the lagoon, Tackle up and use a whole Sardine and try land one, great fight. A couple of lads have been working their artificials with great success 4 Types of King fish, River Bream, Pickhandle Barracuda, Cob to name a few. Seen the pics and we are waiting to receive them. There are a lot of Crabs in the area to the left of the car park, you may catch 3 per day on hook and line with the correct code been marked on your fishing license. The trick is not to rush them.


 Snapper Cob, Spinners, Lessor Sand sharks and Shad have been keeping the Anglers busy and a Stone Bream of 40cm (1.45kg ORI) this on a Sandy beach is very rear, this is defiantly a candidate for fish of the month ( yes it was caught buy a holiday maker) fishing with his Dad a local. We have great respect for our holiday makers because they fish hard and in any weather hence the reason they catch so much fish and variety.

Ski Boat.

Weather turned out good for fishing and one lucky angler took advantage of it yesterday and boated a nice size Kingfish on his Jet Ski, he said there was a lot of activity in the water but was not geared up for it.

News from the shop.

We are undergoing a massive exercise in the shop, we putting in a barcode system to speed up the point of sale and help us manage the stock. 

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