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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 8 December 2017

Fishing Report 8 December 2017

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 15 by late afternoon, then during the afternoon the wind swings to an E gusting 23. Max temp 27. Barometer 1017 dropping to 1011. Wave height 1.8 period 9.


NE swinging to an E midafternoon followed by a SW early evening gusting 23. Max temp 30. B 1008 dropping to 1003. Wave height 2 Period 10.


Rain in the morning with an SW gusting 28 before dropping off during the day, Max temp 22. Barometer 1012. Wave height 3m period 9.


Some nice size Diamonds we caught earlier in the week as well as Nondies (good for live bait), with the river back to normal don’t be shy to put out some big baits and Target Cob and Rockcod. Artificial are working well, don’t forget to put a bite trace on as the Pickhandle Barracuda have very sharp teeth.


Water colour is good for fish as is the wave height it good and better than last weekend with plenty of wave action this will churn the bottom up creating feeding zones, look out for them. Free reel of bait cotton to the first person to show as a picture of a flat fish caught in our waters that is not a Diamond.

Ski Boat.

Weather is not good for launching and fishing, so maybe you should convert your trip to the harbor or lagoon. Good spots to fish are the steel bridge area and the stone wall.


News from the shop.

We currently have 9 types of bait in stock and they are all working however the hottest combos at the moment are Bait Prawn, Sard and Chokka. 

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