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Fishing Report 4 December 2017

Fishing Report 4 December 2017

Weather for the week.


SW first thing then swings to a SE late in the morning with wind gusting 22 gradually dying down though out the afternoon, rain forecast late afternoon. Max temp 22. Barometer 1016 dropping to 1013. Wave height 1.6 dropping to 1.3m period 12.


Rain forecast all day the wind pattern is the same as Tuesday but not a strong, gusting 19around midday then drops off. Max temp 21, Barometer 1015 rising to 1019. Wave height 1.6 rising to 1.8m period 7.


Rain in the morning with an E gusting 13kts by the afternoon before dropping off, Max temp 22. Barometer 1018. Wave height 2m period 8.


Beware when you fish at the mouth with a small vessel, the pull out of the mouth is very strong even if you deploy a sand anchor you will still get dragged to sea. Rather beach your vessel away from the mouth and fish from the side. This happened to an angler on Saturday evening, and he spent the night waiting for water to come into the lagoon so he could make his way back. Fortunately he had food and water with him so he was okay in that way and managed to keep warm and some “bally” dropped off some OB’s to ward off further cold weather. Lagoon is tidal again and the fish are back. Bait sales over the weekend will attest to that.


Over the weekend the water was “too clean” in the surf zone with catches far and few between, An angler had a Shad Trace bittern in half and he never felt the knock, some big shad are here, the water has colored nicely due to the buster that came through yesterday afternoon, so fish on. Snapper Cob and big Shad should be on the menu and don’t forget the Diamonds for a big pull.

Ski Boat.

Totally opposite to the surf, the water was discolored and although there were birds there was no activity game fish wise however nice size Cob were boated together with some Slinger and Rockcod. The mouth is deep enough to launch through however watch out for the sand bank coming across the mouth from the South , the channel will force you northwards towards Port Dunford, the channel is narrow but deep, however a few tides later and the whole thing is changed.


News from the shop.

We currently have 9 types of bait in stock and they are all working however the hottest combos at the moment are Bait Prawn, Sard and Chokka. 

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