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Fishing Report 27 November 2017

Fishing Report 27 November 2017

Weather for the week.


SW gusting 25 with rain in the morning, wind drops steadily throughout the dat. Max temp 21. Barometer stable at around 1020. Wave height 2.4m dropping to 2.1 period 8


NW gusting 4 but swings to a NE midmorning gusting 25 by the evening. Max temp 28. Barometer 1017 dropping to 1009 by the evening. Wave height 2.3 dropping to 1.9 period 15.


W first thing changing to a SW early in the morning gusting 25 then drops slowly throughout the remainder of the day. Max temp 24. Barometer 1011 rising to 1015. Wave height 1.4 period 11.


W gusting 7 then swings to s SE gusting 10 by the evening. Max temp 24. Barometer 1016 dropping to 1009. Wave height 1.4 rising to 1.7m period 14.


Very full at the moment and after last night’s rain we expect it to be even more so leaving very few spots to fish from, where you can get a spot there are still fish left to have fun with. Hopefully it opens today or tomorrow so we can get fishing again and more of the summer fish can come in.


Was really tough to fish on Saturday but Sunday it was settling down although there was a bit of weed it was fishable. Size Shad are about please put them back until Friday. I am still awaiting to hear what went on at the beach yesterday. I assume as I saw none of the guys who went down by the time I closed the shop at 2pm they must have been onto the Snapper and Diamonds.

Ski Boat.

The water cleaned up nicely and the colour line moved closer to the shore all day, as a consequence fishing was good and the bats could stay out till after lunch. Slinger and Cob were the most common bottoms caught together with some very nice size Javelin Grunter. No game fish were caught in our bay although our boat saw Dorado jumping, but they were not interested in baits or lures, they sounded when the boat got there. So they are in the bay. Some of the village boats went to Richards Bay but had no luck.

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