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Fishing Report 17 November 2017

Fishing Report 17 November 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Stunning morning so far especially after the last 2 days. The SW has started to pick up and when it swings to an S this afternoon the wind will pick up gusting to 20kts. Max temp 21. Barometer 1015 dropping to 1012 by the evening. Wave Height 3.8m dropping to 3.3m by the evening, period 11.


NE swinging to an E by late morning gusting 4 and building up to a gust of 13 by the evening (very good for Rock and Surf guys) Diamonds………Max temp 28. Barometer 1013 dropping to 1008 by the evening. Wave height 3m dropping to 2.7m Period 13.


SW swinging to an SE gusting 10 at its peak by midafternoon. Max temp 28. Barometer 1011 dropping to 1009. Wave height 2.2 dropping to 1.6 Period 12.


There goes my little fish in the lagoon theory because the mouth is closed. Diamond 87kg, Spotted Grunter 1.2kg, River gurnard 1.3kg (Have not seen one that big for ages) and various other fish were caught this week. Mmmmmm thinking a trip to the stone wall will be in order, this spot can be reached via Port Dunford.


Big comp at Port Durnford on Saturday and the way the Bay has been fishing and Port Durnford a big catch can be expected, this is the first comp of the season in our waters. The water is very much discolored and the surf is up, today will be very tough conditions but this should calm in time for the weekend. The snapper are still here and in big numbers, some very big Shad were caught earlier in the week, 3kg plus specimens. Still 2 weeks left for the closed season.

Ski Boat.

Sunday looks like a good day to go out and hopefully by then the colour will be back in the water. Surf conditions look good. Mouth still closed so either push off the beach or go to Richards Bay and Amatikulu. The swell is currently still running South North after the wind we had aver the last 2 days.

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