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Fishing Report 13 November

Fishing Report 13 November 2017

Weather for the week.


NE gusting 19 and rising steadily to 25kts by the evening. Max temp 31 Barometer 1006-1002. Wave height 1.6m rising to 2.2, period 7.


NE gusting 13, rising steadily throughout the day to a max of20kts. Max temp31. Barometer 1003 dropping to 996 ahead of the SW. Wave height 1.8 dropping to 1.6m before climbing to 2.1m, period 7.


SW gusting 21 for most of the day with rain forecast for early afternoon, the wind by the evening will be gusting 40kts this is really going to churn the sea up. Max temp 21. Barometer 999 rising to 1009. Wave height 1.7m rising to 3.9m period 8.


S with rain forecast all day and hopefully lots of it to open the river out to sea. Max temp16. Barometer 1011 rising to 1017. Wave Height 4.1m period 10.


With the mouth been closed it seems all the big fish realized this was going to happen and left or they are not fishing, catches seem to be juveniles. We are expecting big rain this week and lefts hope the level rises sufficiently to open the mouth by its self.


Fishing very well, plenty of Snapper Cob of good sizes are caught, mainly in the early morning. A “Freezer size” Giant Guitar was landed on the main beach together with a Diamond. Other edibles caught were Spotted Grunter, Cat Face Rockcod and very few Shad. The early morning sessions are working as by evening time the wind is realy strong.

Ski Boat.

Was very bumpy over the weekend water colour was not at its best. We have taken stock of Iland Lures, I am told by a local, strip bait or half beaks work will with them, thanks for the tip Stan.

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