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Fishing Report 6 November 2017

Fishing Report 6 November 2017

Weather for the week.


Currently a SW blowing over caste and not too hot. Rain is forecast later this evening and the swell will increase to about 1.9m currently very flat.


SW gusting 15 for most of the day with rain forecast in the morning. Max temp 20. Barometer 1008 rising to 1010 midmorning then drops off to 1007 by late afternoon. Wave height 1.7 rising to 3.4 by the evening Period 12.


SW gusting 27 for most of the day, Max temp 33. Barometer relatively stable at 1012. Wave height 2.8m period 13.


W gusting 7 then by late morning swings to a E gusting 13 with rain forecast in the late evening. Max temp 23. Barometer 1014 dropping to 1008. Wave height 2 period 11.


And the mouth is closed……….. Properly, when will it open???? However there is water flowing in from the Ngyoi Mountains and we have rain forecast so hopefully it will fill up and break through on its self. Fishing is slow so perhaps the big ones left when it closed during the highs on Friday. River fish of the month was a 1.65kg River bream.


Not sure how to describe the fishing over the last week. Everybody caught fish and lots the main culprits were Snapper Cob and a lot were over 1kg. To quote a local guy “Nic I tried everything in the book not to catch a Snapper”. He had his quota and more in a hr. He also landed 2 Electric Rays, 1 Diamond, Spotted Grunter and Catface Rockcod. Fishing was crazy and all were caught on Sardine. No big sharks were landed but they were there together with a decent Honey and lots of Diamonds, these were caught on big baits. We are not sure what sharks were out there, I think they were big Greys but who knows the Zambies could have made a turn but those are mainly caught off the Banks.

Ski Boat.

Our charter went out and caught 70kg of fish and were still under Quota, no game fish but nice size Javelin Grunter, Cat Face Rockcod, a Big Yellow Belly Rockcod 3,8kg, Square Tail Cob and big Slingers. Most fish were caught in the Gerries area. The wind has defiantly cleaned the bay up let’s hope it lasts. Game fish the local guys caught were from North of Richards Bay, small YFT, Dorado and Bonnies.


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