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Fishing Report 3 November 2017

Fishing Report 3 November 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Stunning start to the day, no wind clear skies however the NE is coming and when it swings to a easterly around midday the wind speed picks up gusting at 20kts before dropping down as the evening sets in. Max temp 29. Barometer 1016 dropping to 1014. Wave height 1.4 period 8


Very similar day to Friday however the is a slight change to the Barometer staying relatively stable at 1015 and the wave period changes to 9.


Day starts with a gentle NE before turns to an E around midday gusting 15. Max temp 29. Barometer 1017 dropping to 1012 by midday. Wave height 1.3m P 8.


Full moon tonight and good moon over the weekend must result in more fish activity and heighten your chance of catching. Vary your bates as good catches of Grunter and Malabar Rockcod have been made during the week. Try spinning for Pickhandle Barracuda and Oxeye Tarpon, both species have been caught this week in Richards Bay Harbor so they must be here as well.


With the NE blowing all week, this has resulted in good conditions for Surf fishing, 2 holiday makers fishing by themselves in the wind caught about 50 Snapper Cob, they did not know what type of Cob they were and through all of them back( The correct thing to do if you cannot ID a fish). The snappers are still there in numbers as are baby Hammer Head Sharks, they can be a pest but if you are catching them you are fishing in an area where fish are feeding please be patient with them and release them properly. Diamonds are a species to target and the best bait for them at the moment is Mackerel, you may not use Shad as live bait till the end of the month. Slide one into the trough behind the shore break and hold on, you will get stretched by a big Flattie or Shark.

Ski Boat.

NE has changed the water colour and settled the sea, the next few days before the front comes through on Monday will enable some serious fishing, we are going to do a mouth inspection at first light tomorrow morning and I will post some pics of the what it looks like, there are rumors it is busy closing and very shallow. It is time folks for the game fish.

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