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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 30 October 2017

Fishing Report 30 October 2017

Weather for the week.


Day starts off with a gentle NE then swings in the early afternoon to an E gusting 14. Max temp 30. Barometer steady at around 1015. Wave height 1.3m P6.


Same as Monday however when the E comes through it only gusts to 18kts by the evening. Max temp 30. Barometer 1017 dropping to 1014 in the afternoon. Wave height 1.2m period 6.


NE all day and the wind gradually pics up during the day, gusting 26 by the evening. Max temp 33. Barometer 1014 dropping slowly to 1008. Wave height 1.7 period 7


As they say 3 days after the North East is Diamond time. Day starts off with a gentle NE swinging to an E in the afternoon gusting 11. Max temp 31. Barometer 1012 dropping to 1009. Wave height 1.9m period 9.


By the sounds of it not a lot of fishing was done over the weekend in the lagoon, those that went yesterday must have got something, not seen any of them since they left.


To the peeps that went Nurdling well done, it took ages but every little helps. Weather was not that great for fishing over the weekend but the guys that fished the low tide yesterday morning were rewarded with Spotted Grunter and Shad. The Grunter were caught on the sand bank in the mid break.

Ski Boat.

Not a good weekend for fishing the bay water was very green and swell was not accommodating. However the guys from Amatikulu Ski Boat Club got stuck into some nice Dorado, Wahoo and Couta at Cape Vidal over the weekend, well done those men.

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