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Fishing Report 23 October 2017

Fishing Report 23 October 2017

Weather for the week.


SW coming through at 21lts early in the morning then drops off throughout the day to 7kts, Max temp 25. Barometer 1011 dropping to 1008.Wave height 1.9 dropping to 1.5 with a period of 16.


S gusting 4kts slowly picking up to 14kts by midday then dropping off when the rain sets in in the evening. Max temp 23. Barometer 1007 and remaining steady all day. Wave height 1.4 period 14.


 E gusting for most of the day and only dropping off in the evening. Max temp 23.  Barometer1008 dropping to 1005 late in the afternoon. Wave height 1.5m period 15.



Now the silt has gone time to get stuck in, fishing was sow over the weekend and today being a work day I bet they lining up to be fed. The tide is coming in during the afternoon so an evening session with some nice Prawn on one stick and a lure on the other will be the way forward.


The big sharks that have been stripping the anglers and one was landed last Monday , a Raggie of 125kg, we have some Sugars and Chokka and slides so get the big stick out and have a crack at one of those back breakers. Don’t forget Diamonds, they like a live bait however DON’T use a Shad till December 1.


Ski Boat.

By all accounts very slow over the weekend, our charter managed 8 Species in 5 hrs, but know Game fish were seen or birds in the bay. One of the other boats foul hooked a whale, luckily they released quiet soon and cut the line. Water is still very green in the bay. Good luck to the guys going on the Amatikulu Cape Vidal trip.

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