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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 16 October.

Fishing Report 16 October 2017

Weather for the week.


SW gusting 18 (right now there is but a breeze) however later in the morning the wind chances to a S and then the wind dies down. Max temp 23. Barometer 1007 dropping to 1005. Wave height 2.2m period 11.


SW early in the morning however when the wind swings to a SE it will bring rain for the remainder of the day. Max temp 19. Barometer remaining steady around1007. Wave height 1.9m period 9.


SW 10 then swings to a SE with no real change in wind speed. Max temp 23 . Barometer 1015 dropping to 1011. Wave height 2.8m period13.


NE gusting 22 for most of the day. Max temp 38. Barometer 1005 dropping to 997 rising to 1007 (we have not seen a barometer reading so low for about 6 months). Wave height 2.4 dropping to 2.2m period 13.


Finally starting to clear up and fishing should be back to normal in the next few days, this weekend was tough fishing with nothing really significant caught.


Very slow going due to the colour of the water, best fished over the high tide period. Weed and side wash are gone. Nice captures of Cob were reported and the first Diamond since the summer ended. Was caught of Sard with no leader at all as the Angler was targeting Cob.

Ski Boat.

Colour is slowly returning to the bay so conditions should be good for fishing later in the week. A Garrick of 23kg was boated from Richards Bay by a local Angler, just when we thought they had turned back to the Cape. Time to go looking for game fish as they are been caught North and South of us.

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