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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 9 October 2017

Fishing Report 9 October 2017

Weather for the week.


SW gusting 9 in the morning however in the early afternoon the wind really pics up to 37kts with rain forecast, max temp 17. Barometer 1006 rising throughout the day to 1014. Wave height 1.7m rising to 3.9m by the evening, period 9.


SW gusting 11 then swings to a SE gusting 7 by early afternoon. Max temp 20. Barometer 1014 dropping to 1010. Wave height 3.1m dropping to 2.2m period 9.


NE gusting 6kts first thing then at about midday the wind swings to a SW gusting 28 for the remainder of the afternoon. Rain forecast in the evening. Max temp 24. Barometer 1009 rising throughout the day to 1019. Wave Height 1.8m rising to 2.5m, period 9.



Was very busy but with mainly small catches and those that were at the spots never reported any big fish landed. In the evening saw a turn around with some nice decent size Grunter caught.


A big Javelin (Morph) Grunter was landed of 3.2 kg from the main beach, normally these are Grunter of this size is landed by the Ski Boats. This was caught in the same area as the Rockcod are. I.e. main beach in front of the Siyayi. Apart from that lots of Cob and Snapper Cob were caught, the Cob were all undersized and returned. I quote a Zululand Angler “there was defiantly something big out there over the weekend”.

Ski Boat.

Not a good weekend for fishing the boats that went out of Richards Bay had Tax problems and the good old Sharks were making a nuisance of themselves as a result not many fish were boated.

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