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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 6 October 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Rian forecast in the morning with a gentle SW gusting 5 by midday the wind swings to a SE gusting 7, max temp 20. Barometer 1018 dropping to 1014. Wave height 1.9 dropping to 1.6m period 10


NE gusting 14kts at its peak later in the day, rain is forecast late afternoon, max temp 25. Barometer 1011 dropping to 1004 (makes for a good morning session). Wave height 1.5 climbing to 1.8m period 10


SW gusting 5 in the morning but picks up to 24kts by the afternoon with some rain in the early evening, max temp 25. Barometer 1003 climbing to 1010 9 (another good reason for a morning session). Wave height 1.5 climbing to 1.9m period 9


Good old lagoon, still creating fun for all big and small, judging by the amount of Prawns and baby Sards we sold this week, the fish must have put on a few Kg’s so the lagoon must be fishing well this weekend with lots of fat fish. It is worth putting a “Heavier” stick out as it was about this time last year when the first big Diamonds were caught in the lagoon, they were caught just before the guys landed them on the beach.


Besides Wednesday (We had big wind all day) the surf is fishing well, a good tactic will be to take 2 sticks, put a big bait out on one and scratch with the other. The big summer non eds are back. Some big Sandy’s have been landed in the Richards Bay area already so if they there they are here to. Snapper Cob and Spotted Grunter should be your target species and they are both being caught on Prawn at the moment. To answer the question, you may not use Shad as live bait at the moment, wait till December 1.

Ski Boat.

The waves look fine for the weekend making launching through the mouth manageable but the wind is not to kind, we don’t expect to see any boats out at sea. Good catches are still been made to the North of us so maybe head up that way.

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