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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 2 October 2017

Weather for the week.


NE gusting 2kts in the morning but picks up when the E comes through at about midday gusting 16 by early evening. Max temp 26. Barometer 1015 drops to 1012 them climbs to 1015 during the afternoon. Wave height 1.3 Period 9.


NE gusting 23 by late afternoon. Max 28. Barometer 1012 dropping to 1006. Wave height 1.4m rising to 2m by the evening, period 6.


NE gusting 26 for most of the day only dropping in the evening. Max temp 32. Barometer 1008 dropping to 1004. Wave height 2.1 and rises to 2.4m Period 8.


SW gusting 24 with rain forecast from late morning and throughout the day getting heavier early in the evening. Max temp 20. Wave height 2.4m rising to 2.9M period 9.


Malabar Rockcod and Spotted Grunter of between 1.5 and 2 kg were landed over the weekend together with some River Bream making size. We still waiting for River Game fish to make their appearance as the summer fish seem to be being caught with more frequency on the beach.


The surf came to the party in a big way this weekend and for those who have today off will find it no different, main eds caught were Catface Rockcod, Spotted Grunter and Snapper Cob all of a decent size together with those fish we MUST throw back of which the biggest I saw was a healthy 3.4kg and it swam of very strongly by all accounts. Other summer fish are the big non Eds, one particular angler got bust off twice by a something big (Doggies Beach). Most of the action was in the Doggies and Old Ramp beaches.

Ski Boat.

Seas were good yesterday however the colour not and for Game Fish one had to drive miles out to find good water. In the bay there are plenty of bottoms i.e. Shoal Cob, Slinger etc. Due to the tides a few boats trucked to Richards Bay and launched and returned there. We are not aware of any game fish landed on our local boats, but further up North they have been busy with Game fish, Sodwana, Cape Vidal and the Jolly Rubino areas been in the thick of it.

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