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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 26 September 2017

Fishing Report 26 September 2017

Weather for the week.


SW all day gusting 27 by midday, with rain forecast. Max temp 18. Barometer 1007 rising to 1016. Wave height 1.5m in the morning and climbing throughout the day to 3m. Period 9


W gusting 7 but by late afternoon the wind swings to an E gusting 10 then drops off all afternoon. Max temp 21 Barometer 1018. Wave height 2.1 dropping to 1.7 then rising to 2.2m by the evening. Period 9


SW gusting 3 with rain forecast early in the morning, the wind swings to an E by lunch time and with that the wind increasing to gusting 21kts by early evening. Max temp 19. Barometer1026 dropping to 1022, wave height2.3m dropping to 2m by the evening. Period 14.


The much awaited Grunter run is here, nice size fish were caught all over the river and lots of them. I Malabar Rockcod was caught off about 2kg, nice size on light tackle. Judging by the sales of lures over the weekend it seems as those are working and catches of King fish are ben made, the water has defiantly warmed up and is over 22 deg some places higher. Very big crabs are being caught and so long as you have a license you may catch 3 per day with a rod and line but not by any other means.


Was tough going due to the high seas and windy conditions, catches of Shad and small sharks were made but to be fair to the non ed guys sliding big baits was not going to happen.

Ski Boat.

If ever this was a long weekend of river or harbor fishing, pity as at one stage the water looked good but for the rest of the time the sea was covered in white horses.

News from the Shop.

We got Natal Red Eye in stock after a 2 month absence, they are in packets of 3. Also just in is very fresh Mackerel.

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