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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 22 September 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Meant to be a SE gusting 18kts but there is barely a breeze however by tonight when the wind swings to a SW it should be gusting 33kts. Max temp 34. Barometer 100 dropping to 1004 then rising with the SW to 1013. Wave height 2.2m period 7


SW gusting 29 with rain forecast late morning and through the afternoon with that the wind speed also drops to 15kts. Max temp 18 B 1018 rising to 1025. Wave height 3m period 8


A welcome NE gusting 14 in the morning and rising steadily to 25kts by the evening. Max temp 20 (for this wind this seems a bit low). Barometer 1024 dropping to 1014. Wave height 2.4m dropping to 2m period 9.


NE gusting 25 and swings to a E by midday gusting 29 . Max 30, Barometer 1005 dropping to 998. Wave height 2.2 settling down to 1.8 period 8



After the rain last weekend the water has returned to its normal colour and with that the fish. Javelin Grunter seem to be the main species caught during the day, these are Juveniles please put them back. The water temperature should start increasing which will bring the Kingfish, Oxeye Tarpon and Pick Handle Barracuda back so look out for them, fishing for these species with artificial lures is great fun.


Sings of summer fish are here, whilst fishing for Cob on Thursday night a local angler got stripped properly, He lost 400m of line and was down to his backing when the line went dead and that was all on its first run. The hook a No 8 Mustard Kendal with Mac Head bait straightened talk about bad luck, it is assumed to be a Giant Guitar Fish. When targeting these beasts, Tuna Circles, Big Gun or Hoodlum hooks should be used, they are immensely strong fighting fish. We discussed whether or not it could have been a big Honey Comb Ray but the angler has caught these before and is leaning more towards a Sandy because of the power of the fish. Exciting stuff. Still loads and loads of shad together with loads and loads of Hound Sharks to keep you busy. The fresher the bait as they say……..

Ski Boat

Although we have 2 Charters booked I don’t think we going to have a window to fish this weekend, the sea is going to be very bumpy. With the wave period being low launching is going to be very tricky. Focus.

News from the Shop.

We got Natal Red Eye in stock after a 2 month absence, they are in packets of 3. Also just in is very fresh Mackerel.

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