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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 18 September 2017

Fishing Report 18 September 2017

Weather for the week.


Very gentle SW to start of the wind swings slowly through the day to end the day on a E gusting 13 by late evening , max temp 24. Barometer 120 dropping slightly to 1017 Wave Height 2.5 period 13.


NE gusting 16kts at its peak around midday, max temp 31 Barometer 1014 dropping to 1017. Wave height 1.9 period 8


SW gusting 17 and dropping though the morning and early afternoon to end the day a 7kts, max temp 23. Barometer1023 dropping to 1020. Wave height 1.6m period 8


NE gusting 25 by the late afternoon, max temp 32, Barometer 1017 dropping to 1007. Wave height 1.3 rising through the day to 2.3 with a period of 9.


After all the big rain over the weekend especially last night, expect to see the river running strongly and the water very discolored, it will be fishable but slower than it has been recently. Some early birds have gone to try their luck in the lagoon, they are aware of the water conditions but want to get out anyway.


Side wash and weed, side wash and weed. After the 2 big storms over the weekend the surf will be a mess making fishing very difficult. Prior to the storms Shad and varies small species of Shark were caught and we expect fishing to get back to normal later in the week. Nobody was targeting ineds that we know of but it is time to start. The beach clean-up was a success if one wants to call 1250kg of rubbish good. Thanks to the Parks Board Staff and Honory Officers for arranging this.

Ski Boat.

A very quiet weekend unless one fished Richards Bay harbor, the sea was not kind bar a small window on Saturday morning and I think most felt not worth the expense with the South coming through mid-morning.


Tight Lines

We had 2 deliveries of stock last week with one more coming in this week. We have increased our Pegs by 41 new items. We started the shop with 23 Peg Items and now have 551. Thank you for your support.

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