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Fishing Report 15 September 2017

Fishing Report 15 September 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Currently we having a stunning day, although overcast it is still hot with a gentle NW and a clam see, the barometer is looking good so today is the day because the weekend looks to be a bit of a blowout.


NE gusting 20 before swinging to a SW by midday gusting 26 and continuing till late into the night, max temp 29. Barometer 1008 rising to 1013. Wave height 1.5 period 7.


Time to spoil the misses and make her a big breakfast or come see all the new lines we got in the shop this week because rain is forecast all morning with a SW gusting 22 however this starts dropping to 9kts by midday. Max temp 20 B1019, wave height 3 period 9.


Fishing extremely well all week with size Cob, Spotted Grunter and River Bream been caught as well as the occasional Rockcod.


Shad are thick but mainly just after dark, plenty of baby sharks about to keep you busy. I have been asked about when the Diamonds are coming well they are here all year round but not very big ones and not many of them, a small one was landed at Doggies during the week of about 30kgs. (“It was this big…….”). It is still a bit early for the big sharks but why not give it a bash, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Ski Boat.

Although most of the morning were fishable no body went out and today which was meant to be a bad day has turned out the best day of the week and we canceled a charter for today grrrrr. The sea has been looking good all week. The weekend if goes according to the forecast will be very bumpy and by Sunday the mouth will be like a washing machine.


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