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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 8 September 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Day starts with a gentle SW before swinging to a SE gusting 9kts at its peak. Max temp 25. Barometer 1015 dropping to 1013 before climbing to 1016. Wave Height 1.3 and dropping to 1.1m by the evening period10. Probably the best ski boat fishing day since the first week of August.


Another good fishing day, wind starting with a SW before swinging to an S by midday gusting 8kts at its peak. Max temp 23 Barometer1017 and drops off to 1015. Wave height 1.2m, period 17.


Day starts off with a slight NE gusting 5kts however by midday it swings to a E and the wind picks up by late afternoon it is gusting 20kts, Max temp 29. Barometer 1017 dropping to 1009 by the afternoon. Wave height 1.2m, period 10.


“ Hell guys you got stacks of fish in the lagoon” said a holiday maker, indeed we do they have had a good few days at the lagoon and are going shad fishing on the main beach today, all with their carp gear, just go to show it is how you fish. The lagoon is fishing well but no sign of the summer fish yet. The flat fish are still about and giving anglers a hard time.


Lots and Lots of shad and barbals. No Garrick or flat fish this week. Early morning and late evening some size Cob have been caught but in the main they are undersize, please put them back. My tactics for tomorrow afternoon is to slide a Sugar Mac and a Shad need a Garrick or 4.

Ski Boat

Today and the rest of the weekend is looking good for fishing, our charter tomorrow is heading out to Pat's and then working that area. There are some jet skis out now fishing Home Reef first then moving south towards Glentons. Tomorrow some guys are heading for Richards Bay to target Garrick, they are still up here.

News from the Shop.

We got Natal Red Eye in stock after a 2 month absence, they are in packets of 3.

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