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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 25 August 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Day starts off with a NW swinging to a W then S by midday gusting 24, much the same as it has done for the last few days, however right not at 7am not a breath of wind. Max Temp 19 with some rain forecast midday. B1014 rising to 1022. Wave height 3.9m dropping to 3.4 Period 18 and a side wash of note.


We start off with a W followed by a NW swinging to NE by the afternoon gusting 5 early on and by midafternoon the wind picks up to 18kts. Max temp 21. B1022 dropping to 1016. Wave height 3.3m dropping gradually throughout the day to 2.2m, period 14.


Day starts with an N gusting 8 but by midmorning this swings to a SW gusting 29kts, Max temp 21. Barometer 1015 rising to 1020. Wave height1.6 climbing to 2.1, period 13.


Saturday afternoon from 2-4 will be our fishing clinic and the emphasis this clinic will be float fishing, this is followed by a Bring and Braai, I am brining spare rods. I think the lagoon will be the best place to fish over the weekend and who knows maybe a Garrick will pop up for those who are able to get to the area of the mouth, for the walkers you can drive around to the old Shangri La Resort or try Amatikulu North Bank.


Currently the swell is massive I would say the big set is 4m and the surge pushed the water very high onto the beach and as a consequence has washed the Whale back out to sea. I suspect it will either wash up at Port Durnford or into the river mouth. The sea has pushed up so far onto the main beach it has filled the indentations up where the Siyayi broke through and let’s hope it left Mullet behind, I did not have time to go look this morning just saw it from the walkway as I went looking for the whale first light. Surf fishing is going to be tough all weekend. Yesterday morning an angler got smoked in front of the Whale, he has no idea what fish it was.

Ski Boat.

Mmmmmmm me thinks not today or tomorrow but swell wise Sunday looks okayish to go out, failing that Richards Bay harbor and Garrick looks like the best spot.

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