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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 21 August

Weather for the week.


Day starts off with a NE swinging to an ENE gusting 20 by late afternoon. Max temp 26. Barometer 1019 dropping slowly to 1011 by the evening. Wave height 1.8 period 11


NW east early in the morning by swings to a SW by midday gusting 24 by lunch time, max temp 28. Barometer 1004 rising to 1007. Wave height 1.6 period 11.


Day starts with a SW swinging to a SE gusting 19 early in the morning and drops to a wind speed of 6kts at the onset of the SE then the wind starts picking up to 14kts. Max temp 22. Barometer starts off at 1013 rises to 1015 before dropping very fast to 1009. Wave height 3.9m period 13.


Day of many winds, starts of NW swings to a W then S all before lunch time and gusting 24kts by lunch time. Max temp 21. Barometer 1005 rising to 1011. Wave height 1.7m period 15.


There was great excitement in the shop on Saturday when an angler bought in some pictures of a Juvenile Brindle Bass caught at the slipway and safely released, I know of 2 adults that have been kept that were caught in the river one weighed 18kg this one was caught 4 years ago and the other apparently was the same size. My conclusion is they come into the estuary to breed and must be please released as they are a Red Data fish and may not be kept under any circumstances. Juveniles have been kept before and have been mistaken as Rock Cod, please be careful and release them.


Although we had big seas and strong winds last week some die hard fishermen went to try their luck, mainly small sharks were landed but no decent size edibles have been reported, the side wash should start subsiding from today till later in the week when the sea gets big again.

Ski Boat.

With the surf been up most of the week, the guys went to Richards Bay and settle for Garrick fishing. There are still lots of Garrick in the Harbor and pinkies and Mackerel seem to be the best live bait, with plugs and spoons working the best out of the Artificial bait. For the guys that like fishing with Artificial Bait Garrick must be on top of your bucket list in the winter.

From the Shop.

We have a big order inbound at the end of the week with quite a few new lines added to the normal stock we order. The new lines coming in are what you the customer want us to stock, that you for your input.

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