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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 14 August 2017

Weather for the week.


Stunning day with no wind, cloud has burnt off beautiful sunshine.


NE gusting 6kts in the morning but by midafternoon the wind swings to an E still gusting 6kts, Max temp 30. Barometer 1011 dropping all morning to 1005 by midday. Wave Height 1.5m P 12. Very fishable especially early in the morning to take advantage in the big barometer drop.


SW gusting 15kts swinging to a SE when the wind drops to 8kts, max temp 23. Barometer 1008 dropping to 1002. Wave height 1.5m period 12


Day starts with a strong SW gusting 28kts with rain forecast later in the day. Max temp 16 Barometer 1007 rising slightly to 1009, Wave Height 3m Period 9.


By all accounts the lagoon was busy over the weekend with lots of juvenile fish been caught. Those that fished the mouth area were rewarded with Garrick. The photo used is of a Garrick caught in the river mouth.


Was very slow going with the odd Diamond and Shad coming out as well as some Baby Hammer Head Sharks, these are very unusual for this time of year as they normally are caught with abundance in November. These sharks are under huge pressure so please put them back and encourage others to do so, some days the beach is littered with them, especially at Amatikulu some anglers think they catching the same one so they keep them on the beach, dumb logic, others think they wasting bait on them so don’t throw them back just continue catching them and they end up with a pile of baby Hammers and just leave them to die, they then get angry when I throw them back.

Ski Boat.

Most of the guys who went out went Garrick fishing as the surf was bit risky to launch and some Garrick were caught at the mouth on live Mullet. I am not sure if anyone actually launched.

From the Shop.

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