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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 11 August 2017

Weather for the weekend.


NE 8kts till about lunch time when re wind turns into an Easterly also gusting 8kts. Max temp 30. Barometer 1013 rising slightly to 1014 before dropping back to 1013 in the late afternoon. Wave height 1.7m dropping to 1.5, period 8


Starts off with a SW before turning to a South gusting 8. Max temp 23. Barometer 1017 rising to 1019 before dropping in the afternoon to 1017. Wave height 1.6 period 16.


South West again in the morning but slightly stronger, gusting 12. Max temp 23. Barometer 1020 rising to 1023 before dropping back to 1020 by late afternoon. Wave Height 1.7m , period 9.


I see there is Mud in sections in front of the main car park, try using a float when you retrieve a bait and it is covered in mud , use a float then. Some big grunter were landed at night using Sard and Prawn bit but big baits on 1/0 or number 1 Hooks.


Following the big wind storm we had on Wednesday night there is a strong side wash which should settle by Saturday. Prior to the storm Garrick were landed on the main and Doggie Beach area, they were caught on dead bait, except for 1 which was caught on a live Mullet. One was caught on a plain Sard with a shad rig. Water colour looks good for Cob and Shad at the moment but who knows what the weekend will do.

Ski Boat.

A very quiet week due to big seas however earlier in the week Garrick were caught in Richard Bay harbor just in front of the South Pier. The sea is still unsettled after the big wind however Saturday is looking the best day to go out.

From the Shop.

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