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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 7 August 2017

Weather for the week.


Day starts off with a W gusting 6 kts (it is 7am and not a breath of wind) swinging later during the day to a SW gusting 9, Max temp 21. Barometer 1022 dropping to 1020 Wave Height 1.7m period 9. Due to the spring tide we have a very big shore break.


NE early in the morning and around lunch time it swings to a E gusting 16 kts, Max temp 21 rain forecast. Barometer 1022 rising to 1023 before dropping to 1020. Wave Height 1.7M period 11.


NE gusting 20 for most of the day, Max temp 26. Barometer 1022-1016. Wave Height 1.7 climbing to 2m. Period 7.


NE gusting 18 knots before gradually dropping towards later afternoon to 10 kts, max temp 31.Barometer 1014 dropping to 1012. Wave height 1.8m dropping to 1.6 period 7.


The lagoon did not fish well and I am wondering if it is due to gill netting activity increasing due to the moon, today is full moon. The mouth is steaming out at low tide and back in at high tide so there is plenty of water coming in and out, I believe Amatikulu River behaved the same. Our Birding Charter on Sunday was a success with great sittings of seabirds and birds that inhabit the mangrove area, to name a few; African Fin Foot (Male) Mangrove and Malachite Kingfisher as well as the Pied, Goliath and Grey Heron.


Fishing was tough on Saturday although Garrick were seen in the shore break at 3 different places they were not taking bait, plugs or Spoons, this was in the middle of the day and some of us are saying if the guys tried late afternoon they may have been feeding then. Sunday was a bit better with Shad, small sharks and a Spotted Grunter of 60cm been caught off Mtunzini Beach. No Cob. Amatikulu was active with Shad and small Cob but no Garrick that I am aware of as was Port Durnford. On Saturday there was a drone in Operation at the river mouth flown by a licensed pilot to see what was out there but from reports nothing was caught.

Ski Boat.

Saturday was a good day for some and not for others mainly Cob were caught and the only Game Fish were Garrick. There was plenty of Whale activity in the bay all weekend so while the fish were not biting at least one could watch the whales.

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