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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 30 July 2017

Weather for the week.


NE gusting 27 all day only dying off late afternoon, Max temp 26. Barometer 1023 dropping to 1017. Wave height 2.5m period 15.


Again a NE gusting 15 but swinging ENE in the afternoon causing the wind to drop to 12kts. Max temp 26. Barometer 1016 climbing to 1018 by midday before dropping off to 1016. Wave height 1.8 and dropping to 1.5m by the early evening.


A day of many winds starting with an N then E and finally a South gusting 15kts most of the day. Max temp 23. Barometer 1018 climbing to 1022 by midday and then drops to 1020. Wave Height 2.4, period 11.


Plenty of little fish biting during the day to keep you busy mainly, Cape Stumpnose, Javelin and Spotted Grunter as well as good old River Bream and of course the little pesty Thorn Fish.


2 Notable catches this weekend, a Sole big enough to eat for 2 people and a Blue Ray of about 8kg which is not a frequent visitor to our coast. There are still decent size Shad about as well as baby sharks, little Greys smooth hounds etc. and plenty of sea barbells, which in itself is very unusual.


Ski Boat.

Interesting weekend species wise: Soldiers, Slingers, Catface Rockcod, Cave Bass, Garrick, and Shad. Most of the fishing was done close inshore and with the expected wind on Sunday nobody went out. We had a birthday boy on the charter, Aaron (Who is also leading the river fishing league) he turned 9 and the boat caught 23 fish and he was so chuffed, he wants to go again.


From the Shop.

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