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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 22 July 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Day starting with a W before swinging to a SW midmorning gusting 12. Max temp 22. Barometer 1013 dropping to 1012 by midday then it starts climbing to 1014 by early evening. Wave Height 1.9 dropping to 1.7, period 12. Best time to fish will be from lunch time into the evening.


SW gusting 12 by midday and then starts dropping off toward the evening. Max temp 21. Barometer 1016 rising through the day to 1020. Wave height 1.9 dropping to 1.7 period 12. Time for a nice braai at the lagoon and fishing should be good throughout the day.



Due to the surf being on its head the last week it has only left the lagoon to fish at, much to everyone’s surprise a 2.2kg (ORI) shad was caught to the left of the main car park. The story goes as follows “I saw a fish finning and casing after smaller fish so I threw a bait at it and the fish swam over the bait so I retrieved my bait and put a Bait Floater on my hook rebaited up and threw new bait in front of the fish and behold and low I was fish on”. Well done to the angler for not giving up but trying to present his bait in different manners he was well rewarded. Watch the surface of the water for movement and do not discount catching a Garrick, I know they come into the lagoon to breed as in the spring you often catch juvenile Garrick of a few cm in the throw nets.


Hahahahahaha ……….. Really! You want to fish in that. We don’t expect the surf to be fishable until at least next Wednesday

Ski Boat.

A big no no.


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