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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report - 14 July 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Day starts with a NW swinging to an NE gusting 18 by early afternoon, however looking out the window right now at 7.16 am we have a calm day slightly overcast, so why not go throw a line. Max temp 20 Barometer 1018 dropping to 1011. Wave Height 2.1 Period 12.


Day starts off with a NW swinging during the morning to a NWN gusting 28Kts by lunch time then drops of during the after while the wind swings to a SW. Max temp 31. Barometer 1007 dropping through the day to 1004 (not ideal for fishing for fishing in the night). Wave height 2.1m wave period 14.


Day starts with a W (For some reason Garrick like a Westerly in the morning) at 6kts climbing steadily through the day gusting to 27kts when the SW comes through early in the afternoon, Rain is forecast late afternoon. Max temp 21. Barometer 1006 climbing the 1020 (Good). Wave height 2m rising to 2.9m period 14.


Going to be busy this weekend, we got the kiddies and Moms comp on Saturday afternoon. Last time a baby Honey Comb Ray won it and as one was caught yesterday we know they still in the lagoon so game on. The lagoon still has a variety of species in it and with the size of the Rockcod being caught in the surf it is not long and they will be in the lagoon, we know they breed in the river by the amount of juveniles caught there especially the Malabar but nice big baits out for them. The Amatikulu River has produced some very big grunter during the week maybe worth going to explore there.


We expecting very big swell over the weekend that makes fishing tough but we believe when the water is churning like that it is stirring the bottom up, causing a lot of feeding opportunities, the drawback is getting your bait out can create challenges of its own.

Ski Boat

The 21 Species was one by a Garrick/Leervis caught on a fish ski in the harbor. This weekend the weather does not look good for fishing at sea it is going to be very bumpy and windy during the middle part of the day. A big front is expected on Sunday afternoon.

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