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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 3 July 2017

Weather for the week.


Blow Out, maybe you can find a sheltered spot on the lagoon and fish there.


Starts off with a genital W gusting 8kts dropping to 3 before turning to a SE. Max temp 23. Barometer 1024 dropping to 1020. Wave height 1.6m period 16.


The return of the NE gusting 7kts swinging to an ENE late afternoon gusting 15kts. Max temp 26. Barometer 1020 dropping to 1018 Wave height 1.4 period 10, this should settle the side wash.


Ne gusting 8 swinging to an ENE early afternoon gusting 12kts by the evening. Max temp 27. Barometer 1019 rising to 1020 before dropping down to 1017. Wave height 1.5m period 10.


A very quiet weekend compared to the last few weeks, some visitors however had fin catching Short Fin Kingfish and they told me pound for pound these little falls put up a brave fight, first time I have seen them here. It looks like the lagoon is going to be the best place to fish for the beginning of the week.


Friday and Saturday were good days for fishing and produced some decent Shad but on Sunday this all changed as the winter swell picked up overnight which resulted in a big shore break and a strong side wash. With the wind today and tomorrow that is forecast we can expect the side wash to last till at least Wednesday. Once again Mullet were hard to come by meaning the Garrick are still hanging around the river mouth.


Ski Boat

Saturday was a fishable day and the fishing was hard and slow. Very few game fish were caught all coming out in the Richards Bay area. Some nice size Rockcod and Morph Grunter were boated together with some Squaretail Cob. Sunday the surf was up in the mouth and the guys that tried to launch all had to turn back for some early Amber Nectar.


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