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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 28 June 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Day starts off with a NE gusting 16knts then as the day warms up it swings to an ENE and starts dropping off, Max temp 26. Barometer 1020 dropping to 1014 by early morning. Wave height 1.6m dropping to 1.4 Period 12. This is a good fishing day and an early start at Port Durnford might be a good call for the rock and surf brigade.


Day starts off with a NE gusting 12 before swinging to a SW and with that the wind drops to 4Kts by late afternoon, Max temp 22 Barometer 1016 rising throughout the day to 1020 at midday before dropping to 1018 by evening. Wave Height 1.4m dropping to 1.2m period 18. Good day to launch through the mouth and catch something.


NE gusting 9 in the morning picking up to 21kts by the evening. Max temp 26. Barometer 1019 dropping to 1013. Wave Height 1.1m Period 11. A good lagoon day or a blustry day on the beach.


Lagoon is still fishing well , with Cob been on the “Hit List” of most anglers, the mouth is still deep resulting in a big tide push, good for fishing on the incoming tide and turning tide. Hot bait at the moment is Sardine, Red Eye and Bait prawns. Don’t discount on getting smoked by a flat fish they are still coming into the lagoon and catching anglers out.


Has been in a bad mood this week but things look to calm down over the weekend, Cob and Shad are there for the edible anglers and there are still Diamonds about for those that want to get stretched. Garrick are here worth Spooning or Plugging for them while you try get live bait which they enjoy. The big trick is to get live bait for the Garrick, I would suggest if you do not have a boat going to Port Durnford and fish near the mouth at the point where the sand bank lying across the mouth coming towards you from the south side of the river ends.


Ski Boat

Been a bit tough and slow both for game and bottoms, however for those that had Walla Walla last weekend it was a different story as they boated Couta on them and nothing else. Saturday and Sunday are looking good for launching with relatively little wind and a swell around the 1.5m mark. Get some Wallas and get cracking. A good spot to start the day off would be from the wreck heading North to the light house.


From the shop.

We do more rod repairs on a Thursday than any other day of the week. There is some useless information to start the weekend. Go catch them.

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