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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 19June 2017

Weather for the week.


NE gusting 8kts dropping to 4 just before the wind swings to a SW then is guts up to 26Kts. Max temp 25. Barometer 1014 holding steady throughout the day. Wave height 1.3m Period 11.


Day starts off with a SW Gusting 25 then drops throughout the day as the wind keeps changing to a WSW then SE to 5kts. Max temp 21 Barometer Rather high at 1022 then drops to 1017 by the evening. Wave height 2.3m dropping to 2m, period 12.


NE gusting 16 then drops to 2kts by early afternoon the wind then swings to a SW gusting 4. Max temp 26. Barometer1012 drooping to 1006, fish early in the morning to catch the drop in barometer. Wave height 1.6 period 12


Friday afternoon Bobby got stuck into a Diamond Ray and had it on his line for one and a half hrs., a boat was used to help land the fish but it eventually broke loose, this was on a 6ft river rod with 15lg Line and a number 2 hook unlucky Bobby, the video of part of the fight is on the FB page. The river carried on producing fish throughout the day in interestingly a Rock Salmon or River Snapper was landed at the main car park. Saturday was again a day of action and adding to the species, I fine Young Malabar Rockcod was landed as well as more Cob, interesting thing was size Cob and Grunter were landed during the day as mainly they are caught early morning of evening.


Was quiet but for those that put in the effort were rewarded with, Garrick, Diamonds, Cob, Cat face Rockcod. The sea settled after Friday and was fishable. The week ahead looks okay nothing to set the world alight but with the wind swinging like it does should keep the side wash away. Our condolences to the family of the Angler that got swept off the rocks at Vidal and drowned. Please guys remember the Golden Rule when rock and surf fishing………Never turn your back on the sea.


Ski Boat

Not a weekend for the boats I am afraid. Gavin came up from Durban on Thursday morning and took advantage of the window in the morning and was well rewarded the last boat to do so. This week it does not look good unless you want to try fish a few afternoon sessions. The water is a bit discolored so maybe a long trip out might bring cleaner water. Tight lines.

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