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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 16 June 2018

Fishing Report 7 April 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Wind started this morning coming from the SW gusting 25 but is now dying down turning out to be a nice day. Max temp 21. Barometer 1022 peaking at 1023 before dropping down later to 1019. Wave Height starts at 3.5m dropping gradually through the day to 2.3m, period 11 although those that have been down will note it was on its head.


Saturday afternoon from about midday into the evening, the beach is the place to be, early in the morning the NE will be gusting 11kts dropping to 3knts as wind swings to a Easterly. Max temp 26. Barometer 1013 drops to 1011 at around lunch time and gradually climbs to 1015 by the evening, Wave height 2m dropping to 1.3m by the afternoon, period 10.


Have a lie in, SW gusting 20 rain forecast early morning, by late afternoon the wind would have dropped to 2kts, max temp 18, a cold a miserable day. Barometer 1023 rising to 1026, wave height 2.3m rising to 2.5m period 9.


2 Cob and a Blue or Marble Ray were caught by the same angler in the main car park this morning, the lagoon has settled down and fishing like it was before the floods, don’t be shy to use bigger baits in the evening and into the night with a 1/0 or 2/0 hook, the mouth is deep and the big fish will come in.


This morning the surf was a mess with massive swell and a side wash made fishing virtually impossible and our Garrick trip this morning was a disaster, we even lost a plug to what I think was a big Shad right in the river mouth itself. There is a crowd of guys at Dunford side fishing in the channel and let’s hope they had better luck than we did. Tomorrow afternoon the main beach in front of the Siyayi is the place to be. Everything is looking extremely good for some angling.


Ski Boat

Some very nice Morph or Javelin were caught on one boat and all weighed over 4kg. A boat from Durban took advantage of the small window yesterday and were well rewarded, they were fishing with light tackle and caught more than enough fish and were even throwing fish back so they could stay out longer, they returned when the South came through happy campers although they got no game fish. Unfortunately this weekend only offers one go at getting out the mouth and that will be from late tomorrow morning. We watched a boat spend 1hr 40min trying to get out this morning, pictures on the face book will show you what they tried to get through. The photo is of a boat that spent 1hr 40min trying to go out....... 

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