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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 12 June 2017

Weather looking not to bad this week.


 Not what is happening now seems like a gentle SW is blowing however weather man says a W in the morning turning to a SW then SE then an E Gusting 5 around midday at its peak before dropping back to a gentle breeze. Max temp 24. Barometer 1012 rising to 1013 Wave height 1.4m period 10. Over all good for fishing.


Starts off with an N then swings gradually to a SW gusting 10 at about lunch time before dropping off. Max temp 23 Barometer 1012 rising to 1015 Wave Height 1.4 Period 12. Another good fishing day.


Starts off with a W swing to a SW as the day warms up, gusting to 8 at midday before dropping back during the early afternoon. Max temp 22. Barometer 1012 rising to 1017 before dropping to 1015. Wave Height 1.4 period 10. Another good fishing day with good barometer activity.


Starts off with a NW swing to a NE then settling, the wind starts picking up in the evening with the arrival of the Buster gusting 26kts. Max temp 25. Barometer 1014 dropping to 1009 before rising at the onset of the SW to 1013. Another good fishing day.


Although the river was very muddy this weekend we still managed a few species during the kiddie’s day. Cape Stump nose, River Bream, Tiger fish, Glassies and Javelin Grunter.  There was also a lot of leave litter on the bottom of the river and despite this fish were still biting. A Float will be the answer to the leave problem. Some chops set fire to the walkway along the river bank to the left of the main car park over the weekend, what a shame as it has recently been completed.


Saturday was unfishable but yesterday morning the anglers were on the beach in droves, a nice Diamond of 49kg was landed on a Sugar Mac at the main beach in front of the Siyayi. A lot of small sharks and Shad were caught but no Garrick yet………….why are they taking too long to get here, been over a week since they caught 18 at Zinkwazi and some have also been caught at Tugela. The weather looks good for fishing and the sea has colour, everything is looking good if you can slip of work.


Ski Boat

Yesterday was a good fishing day but at the moment I have no feedback as to what transpired, however this week looks good, we have a charter out at the moment, they have live bait and are busy trawling to a spot. Will update when I get some more news.

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