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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 9 June 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Day starts with a NE gusting 27 all day, the way the wind has been this week I like to believe otherwise. Max temp 27. Barometer 1022 dropping to 1016. Wave height 2m period 13.


Day starts off with a N gusting 25 then as the wind swings through the day the wind drops with it, by mid-morning the wind is gusting 3kts, however as the evening settles the SW comes through gusting 29 Knots. Max temp 25. Barometer 1013 first thing then drops to 1010 by midday and then starts climbing to 1015 for the onset of the SW (Buster). Wave height 1.5M Period 11.


Typical, weekend over day starts off with a W and swings gently to a NE then ENE buy late afternoon gusting 6 with max Temp of 24. From this information alone I am saying this is a perfect Garrick day however if we look at the Barometer it starts above the 1013 mark at 1014 then rises slowly to 1016 before dropping to 1013 in the afternoon. Wave Height 1.4m with a period of 10.


Low tide over the weekend is around 11 making afternoon and evening fishing fun as we will be fishing the incoming water, hence the kiddies clinic taking place from 2-4 followed by an bring and braai. For the few that fished the lagoon in the early part of the week well done on your catches of Cob and Grunter, they are getting bigger long may it last but, the last 2 days seem to be quiet. There was what appeared to be Pick Handle Barracuda activity but nobody had spoons to verify it.


The big shad hung around till early in the week but with the weather we had over the last few days made the beach unfishable, there are some guys down there now so let’s wait and see. The weather has calmed down and the water color is looking good i.e. a bit dirty, 2m swell forecast means that there will be activity in the water and the fishing looks promising. Monday is going to be a cracker of a day for fishing but I think the surf will fish well.

Ski Boat

This week was a tough one for fishing and we have no reports of fish been caught or of anyone launching, Sunday looks fishable but not a very comfy ride however Monday looks to be a cracker for fishing.

News from the Shop.

I have been asked by several people why I include Barometer activity in my report. My reasoning is, it is well known on the KZN coast a barometer reading of 1013 and above is good for fishing however barometer movement influences fish feeding ie as the barometer starts to drop the feed the stop likewise as it is rising they feed however if the barometer is low and stays like that they hardly feed, there activity seems to slow down so does there feeding.

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