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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 26May 2017

Weather looking a bit doggy for the weekend.

Friday afternoon

Starts off with a gentle E and late in the evening a front comes through gusting 21 from the SW. Max temp 20 , Barometer 1008 rising to 1012 9 Good for fishing) Wave height 2.1m Period 13. Best fishing time for the weekend


Rain forecast in the morning and evening, SW gusting 9 but picking up to 19 by the evening. Max temp 22 Barometer reasonably stable at 1013, wave height 2.1m dropping to 1.8 later in the day, Period 13.


SW gusting 24kts for most of the day, dropping only late in the evening. Max temp 21deg with rain forecast in the morning. Barometer 1019 rising through the day to 1024. Wave height 2.9m dropping slowly to 2.4m


Water is back to normal and fishing has been good, in part to the fact the mouth is deep and we getting a good tide “pull” , big cob will enter the mouth at night so worth targeting them late afternoon into the early evening, gates close at 10.


Beach is back to normal and is fishing well with plenty of edibles, Cob of size are been caught in the early morning and early evening on a variety of baits. Still no Garrick but they must be here because they have been caught at Amatikulu and in Richards Bay Harbor.

Ski Boat

Great week for Couta fishing and some Yellow Fin Tuna were caught. Bottom fishing has been very slow but a great variety of species have been boated. One boat caught 12 Couta on Spoon alone, water was so clear they could see the spoons go down.

News from the Shop.

We stocked up on bait today and for the river and surf guys we got our hands on some bait prawns.

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