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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 22 May 2017

Weather looking good for the week ahead.


E swinging to a NE by early afternoon, Max temp 28. Barometer 1014 dropping to 1010 around lunch time (Great morning fishing awaiting) Wave height 1.3 dropping to 1.1 period 12.


NE swinging to a SE by the afternoon, gusting 6 early in the morning before dropping to 3 by mid-morning, Max temp 27 Barometer 1008 dropping to 1007. Wave height 1.3 period 12


First day of unsettled weather day starts off with a SW changing to a S then SE gusting 11 early in the morning before dropping to 4 at the first wind change, max temp 20 B1013 rising to 1016 but so does the swell from 1.1m to 2.7m with a period of 16 dropping to 14.


The water has receded but is still very dark in colour, with the tides pushing over the weekend I expect the salinity to increase and with that the fish should be more active. I have not seen or heard of anyone fishing the river this week since the storm but to be fair the river was the colour of mud. Do not be surprised of you catch a river Barbell last time we had big rains they washed over the weir. Nothing changed however the colour towards the mouth is changing but in the Lagoon area it is still like coffee.


Most of the main beach still has some weed, fishing was very slow over the weekend and a few Sea Barbells, Shad and Wave Garrick were caught, this week things look to improve and indeed it has an angler has just come off the and no weed, he bought same bait and is on his way.

Ski Boat

While fishing was slow over the week end some guys who fished through the night we well rewarded with Couta and Cob, during the day although fishing was slow and one had to work hard for fish they were boated, two unusual fish were caught, a very big Spade Fish and a Goldsaddle Hogfish (Pg. 229 in the Rudy Van Der Elst book). Some very big Couta are out there. Reports of Snoek off Richards Bay so maybe if you launch there you might want to look for them.

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We bought a kettle and some mugs and some coffee……


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