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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 19 May 2017

Weather looking good for the weekend.


Ne swinging to an E by evening gusting 6, Max Temp 23. Barometer 1015 rising to 1018. Wave Height 1.3m period 9. Great day for fishing.


Again like Friday NE swinging to an E by evening gusting 4, Max temp 27. Barometer 1019 dropping to 1016 by midday Wave Height 1m period 9


Gentle SW gusting 6 early in the morning before swinging to an S by midday, ma temp 25. Barometer 1018 dropping to 1016 by midday. Wave Height 1m rising to 1.3 by late afternoon, period 13.


The water has receded but is still very dark in colour, with the tides pushing over the weekend I expect the salinity to increase and with that the fish should be more active. I have not seen or heard of anyone fishing the river this week since the storm but to be fair the river was the colour of mud. Do not be surprised of you catch a river Barbell last time we had big rains they washed over the weir.


The sticks and weed seem to have washed out for the most part but still have a good look when choosing your spot as there might still be patches of weed. Garrick were caught in Richards Bay harbor this week so they need to swim passed here to get there …………..its show time, I am going to try in front of the Siyayi after the shop closes on Saturday, going to use Mullet , Shad and Plugs as bait.

Ski Boat

Our boat went out this morning and by all accounts the channels are deeper but the sand banks although moved are still there unfortunately. The channels are visible from the stone wall on high tide as the clean water is pushing in. Not sure what they got as they still trawling but by sounds of it there is activity….bring it on. Just in the boat has a Couta of about 30kg on board, caught close in in shallow water.

News from the Shop.

We have a big variety of spoons and plugs in stock for our Garrick Season so if you forgot them pop in on the way to the beach. We are also contemplating doing back line charters for the Garrick season, we will be taking the boat onto the backline wave, turning before it breaks so you can cast your live bait then going out and sitting behind the back line waiting for the pickup, due to the danger factor we will only take 2 anglers at a time.

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