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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 15 May 2017

Weather for the week.

Weather looking good for the week.


SW gusting to 24 by late afternoon with some rain forecast, Max temp 20. Barometer 1014- 1016. Wave Height 3.7 dropping to 2.4, Period 10


SW gusting to 15 early in the day before dropping to 5kts by evening. Max Temp 23. Barometer 1017-1014 by evening. Wave Height 2.4-2m Wave period 9.


NE gusting 16 by the evening Max Temp 24. Barometer 1013 and is steady throughout the day. Wave Height 1.8 -1.7 Period 9


SSW gusting 14 early in the morning and drops through the day, max temp 2. Barometer 1015 rising to 1018. Wave Height 1.7 Period 8.


It is in flood and totally unfishable as one cannot get access to the spots, rumor has it Grunter are running in the caravan park. I estimate if the rain abates we will be able to fish the lagoon from the weekend.


Good news for the weekend, the Siyayi burst its banks last night and is pouring into the sea, during the week the water will be full of weed but this should be gone by the weekend. The surf should be fishable from Thursday. The last time this happened it lasted about 3 weeks, we were even netting Mullet in it, so with Garrick season coming maybe we can get some live mullet into the Siyayi mouth and target them.

Ski Boat

Going to be an interesting Launch for those that go out on Wednesday as there will be logs and stumps to negotiate on the way, hopefully the water ill suck the sand banks out. Wednesday looks the next best surf day but it might be a long ride to clean water.

News from the Shop.

Floods everywhere even our chalk board got blown off. The Garrick season is about to start and our stock of plugs and poppers are due in today.

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