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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 08 May 2017

Fishing Report 7 April 2017

Weather for the week.


Day starts with a genital NE swinging gradually to a ENE gusting 21 by late afternoon, max temp 30. Barometer 1016 dropping to 1013 by midafternoon. Wave Height 1.6. Period 16


Again NE swinging to an ENE gusting 19 by late afternoon, Max temp 29. Barometer 1016 dropping to 1013. Wave height 1-5 dropping to 1.3m Period 14


NE gusting to 23knts by late evening, rain forecasted at night. Max temp 29. Barometer 1015 dropping to 1013. Wave Height 1.3m, wave period 12 going to 8.


Was a busy day yesterday judging by the bait sales but not sure what was caught, my informants are probably having a ly in. With high tide in the midday I would imagine fish were caught in the morning sessions.


Was a very busy week on the main beach , lots of Spotted Pompano and Shad were landed with the odd baby Cob, Long Fin Pompano and baby Greys. No big flat fish. With the NE blowing this week the good catches will continue, Best Bait, Baby Mac’s, I know as I had 3 sessions last week and only caught with those, the others around using Sards were not having much luck.

Ski Boat

2 Couta boated on Saturday and some more lost to the tax man. A nice Tomato Rockcod was boated together with a River Snapper, both were released. Bottoms were plentiful. This week Wednesday looks to be the best day.

News from the Shop.

Somebody wrote on our board where we crossed off bait on the list “ Sorry we had potjie” nice to see people have a sense of humor.

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