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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 112 January 2022

Fishing Report 12 January 2022

Weather for the Week.

Today raining like mad first thing however it does stop and for the next few days we have winds changing direction every few hours however  the weekend sees the North winds returning.



Young Logan caught a moony the other day and this reminds me of when I was a youngster I used to spend hrs catching these pretty little fish unbeknown to me at the time the reason I was catching them is they tend to be top feeders and therefore to increase your chances of catching them the best way to catch them is with a float and a short bite trace, no 5 hook with a bit of prawn bait. Lots of catches of river bream, pickhandles and grunters are been reported sardine and lures seem to be the hot bait at the moment, despite the rain the river is still very active and we lucky in that we do not have a big catchment area, some of the rivers nearby are flooding making fishing very slow.


So far most of the diamonds coming out are at Old Ramp and Doggies the banks did have a day recently when a lot were caught but after that it went quiet, the best time to fish the Banks is going into spring tide and coming out this making the wading far easier and the times are about 2hrs into and after low, this spot is by far the best place to fish the low in our area. David fished in front of Forest Lodge for 3 days and during his last session he got a diamond of 2m just shows perseverance pays off. There was a club outing at the banks and fishing was very slow due to weed however a young lady managed a nice size catface rockcod.


Ski boat

After 15 years of fishing local waters Shaun finally caught an edible over 10kg the fish was a kob of 12.09kg great excitement. Keeve and the gang went out  to high point and got some tuna, however the boats that fished closer in managed a Dorado and Paul got a couta at Gerries in dirty water it seems as though Hannes was the only one that got a lot of bottoms and decent size ones 2 boats that I know off got no fish at all.


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