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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 14 December 2021

Fishing Report 14 December 2021

Weather for the Week.

This week looks to be a bit windy with rain on Thursday and Friday afternoon.


Firstly the sad news is the club decided to cancel the family day fishing comp on the lagoon, the father Christmas and the evening party due to Covid been in the increase. Barry caught a honeycomb ray at the steel bridge at low tide, note he does not flip it on its back to get the hook out as that will damage its internal organs. Fishing shallow or close to the edge with small baits will give kids hours of fun as the baby fish feed and hide closer to the bank, for the adults fish like that and see how many species you can catch in a session 10 plus will not be unusual.


Travis was fishing the banks on Saturday and caught 3 different fish in a short time a sandy (photo bombed by Gayson) a java and a nice mat (diamond) further to the north Willem got a decent shad and at last Rudi got a fish it was a brown skate we suspect it was because Michelle was not there otherwise she would have got it. The shad and snapper cob are still been caught in the area of the main beach and yesterday afternoon a big diamond came out on the main beach.

Ski boat

Chris went out on Believer and got his first Dorado, well done. The boats fishing close to land are still getting snoek, Sarel from Kiru (who does the local charters) got some fishing right in front of the main beach and reported he lost a few as he could not set the hooks , they bite “skelm” sometimes and other days they follow the lure to the boat but don’t take it. Stephan was out for a few hrs doing bottom fish, they got some snappers and slingers but the other fish were shy, maybe they waiting for the holiday makers.

News from the Shop

We are now stocking what they call “Gourmet “ice i.e. the ice that does not melt before you add coke. Please note we moved across the road to Village Square.


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