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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 23 November 2021

Fishing Report 23 November 2021

Weather for the Week.

Getting better each day for example the wind forecast for today has not happened yet, early mornings look the best, Thursday and Fiday seem good for deep sea.


Alistair who has been building salt water flies for fishing in the lagoon and sea has now started selling stick bait , this is after a year of trials and they are working well , he has a Facebook page now that has just started called Underdog Lure Co check it out, I am hoping to stock some next month. Christiaan went to the lagoon for a few throws and got 2 little Malabar rock cods on red eye, they are lots of small ones at the moment but right time on the right spot will get you a decent size. Alistair also while testing his stick bait caught a decent river snapper which he realised before he could measure it, from the picture it look like at least 2kg.


After a quiet few weeks a Zambie was landed at the banks and I am led to believe it was caught on a slide, this was caught during the postal round over the weekend. Lots of small sharks are still been caught, on the edible front shad, pompano and baby cob are been caught so hopefully the big ones will still be around. It is a bit quiet on the flat fish side but it is still early some browns were caught at the banks during the week but no diamonds.


Ski boat

Sarel on Kiru with Louis and Gawie on board had a good days fishing species wise as they got the big “4”  couta , dorado, wahoo and YFT, they fished high point, Action was onto the dorado first and called the other Zini boats in towards his and they got onto the fish, nice to  share. Louis got his PB tuna and first couta.  So far planning for Friday looks like the guys are going out through the mouth and coming back onto the beach, the tractor will be there to assist.


News from the Shop

We are moving on Saturday afternoon and Sunday across the road to Village Square, it you need something you will come to rummage around for what you want, I am sure the helpers will help you as I will be between the 2 shops.


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