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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 28 April 2017

Weather for the weekend.


Stunning day so far very little wind coming in from the NE early afternoon it swings to an E gusting 10 then dying down, Max 26. Barometer 1020 rising to 1013. Wave height 2 dropping to 1.5 P16. Weather wise best day to fish.


NE swinging to a SE gusting 7, Max temp 26. Barometer 1024 rising slightly 1025, max temp 26. Barometer 1024 rising to 1025. Wave Height 1.4 P 13. Another good fishing day.


Ne swinging to an E gusting 10 by the evening Max temp 26, Barometer 1023 dropping to 1021. Wave height 2.0 p 10


NE swinging to an ENE late afternoon wind gusting 20 by early evening, Max 27. Barometer 1021. Wave height 1.9 period 9.


Pumping and species too, some size specimens have been landed in the day but the big stuff early morning and late evening into the night, you can fish till 10pm without paying camping fees. King fish being to me the biggest surprise as a lot have been caught, one River Snapper of 4kg caught on live mullet.


Not many non eds caught in the last few days but lots of Snapper Cob, Square Tail Cob and Shad have been caught again very early in the morning and late afternoon into the evening. Garrick have been caught at Tugela so maybe we should start looking out for them here, best bait if you do not have mullet will be a 30 to 35cm live Shad. One of the locals who has fished the beach for many years landed a small Bone Fish for the first time, it was released so look out for them as well as they make excellent bait but a very rarely caught.

Ski Boat

Today is the first day this week that boats have gone out. Our Charter is now doing bottoms following a unsuccessful run at game fish, they are nearly done or full up as we say, well done guys but unlucky on the lack of game fish. The whole weekend is good for fishing and the water will clear up more into the weekend as the predominate wind is coming from the North East.

News from the Shop.

With the fishing being as it is bait is flying out of the shop and we are going to do a bait run tomorrow, our philosophy is not to stock too much bait as we have to store it and it loses its freshness. So we only buy enough to keep the freezer full.

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