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Fishing Report 4 November 2021

Fishing Report 4 November 2021

Weather for the Week.

The weather has been so unpredictable this week, Tuesday it blew like made then yesterday and today 9 so far) all good, going into the weekend things look okay for fishing with guys looking to go out on Sunday. Sunday is still looking the best day but no harm in trying on Saturday as well.


Although the water is discoloured catches of river snapper, river bream, pickhandle barracuda ,  grunter etc are still been had, if you cannot get live bait float you bait off the bottom, use a ball sinker and let it settle at the bottom then release some line so it goes up into the mid water. This method is  very effective as opposed to using a float as with a float all you need is a bit of wind and it  is very difficult to present you bait where you want it. The river prawns are getting bigger and using a throw net in the demarcated are near the mouth you are able to get them there, if you don’t know where the board is as you get to the stone wall heading towards the sea look to your starboard/south/or your right it is almost in line with you on the river bank, you may net from that point to the mouth. Ryan got some nice snapper in the discoloured water the other day, on his scale the biggest was 2.8kg.


Roland seems to be the only guy getting onto the sharks at the moment that we know of, he has got a Java the other week and the other day he got a raggie however just before he was getting ready to go he got picked up by a bus and after a battle and a half he lost it. Anglers are reporting that are been bittern off on the main beach fishing with short traces could this be raggies as I saw a “full metal jacket” that had been roughed up just short of the swivel, the fish was lost. Edible fisherman also say they are getting into what they think are big sandies so who knows? There are still baby sharks biting and plenty of Shad for obvious reasons, the Snapper seemed to have slowed down but each day has its own story, nice to see the Pompano are back so plenty of fish to target.


Ski boat

On Sunday there will be a tractor on the beach to assist those coming back on the low tide, it sounds like it will be there from about 10 till 12 depending on the demand. Fishing close in has been slow recently however most of the fish caught have been far out, catches of Couta, King Fish and Kob have been reported around Gerries so it must be worth a trip to find them, try jigging and spooning for them. Low tide is around 4am and coming off spring there will be a lot of water, the way I understand it the channel is running out towards Dunford.



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