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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 19 October 2021

Fishing Report 19 October 2021

I have been asked by Ezemvelo to assist with collecting pictures of fish in the 3 habitats we fish in under each section I will list what species we are looking for, each picture used will credit you also please take the pictures where possible without a human in the back ground i.e. on a surface or on the ground and preferably on wet sand. We are going to build an information “Hub” and will be mounting the fish pics on boards.

Weather for the Week.

From now on during the week the weather is warming up and fishing will be more pleasant especially the morning sessions.


With the fish coming on the bite again some good size River Bream, River Snapper and a Kob of 8kg at the River Land Estate, that is about 8km up river, the guys who caught it were so keen to get it back to the river they did not risk running back to their accommodation to get a phone and take a pic. Christiaan got a nice Malabar and the chances of catching one are good, they like big fleshy baits. Species for the Hub we are looking for are Estuarine Pipefish, River Snapper, River Gobies, Grunter, Stumpnose, Lizard Fish, Rays and any other unusual fish you come across.


Gert got a nice Catface Rockcod of just shy of 6kg and Gerhard got a Blue Ray and a Kob in the same session so Kob are still about at the same spot Neil I think it was go a Black tail which is a rare visitor to our shore zone. There are still Snapper been caught and some decent size ones and Anita caught a nice size Evileye Puffer. Baby sharks are still in the shore zone, please handle them with care and put them back. Species we looking for are all edibles, sharks and rays, we want to build a board Just for Diamond Ray.


Ski boat

Fishing when guys get out can be slow however catches of snoek are been made in the shallow reefs particular the Wreck area. Species we are particular interested in are Javelin Grunter AKA Morph Grunter, the javelin grunter are found predominantly in our MPA and are busy morphing into a new species how long this will take nobody knows, so to have a Javelin Grunter board will be very interesting indeed. Further South the grunter does not change shape or lose its stripes, this seems to occur when the juveniles leave the Estuary.



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