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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 7 September 2021

Fishing Report 7 September 2021

Weather for the Week.

Nice and wet start to the week but things can only get better and they will.


It will be interesting to see how this rain effects the lagoon, most defiantly after having clean water lately we expect the water to go back to its muddy colour and tactics will have to change i.e. using lighter coloured lures. Lee fishing with a sard head got a very nice size river snapper, it is still there if anyone wants to try catch it. The angler normally handles her fish with a wet tell was so excited she picked it up, at least the fish swam off strongly and no harm was done, still it is nice to see big ones are still around or maybe they are coming back.


 And then there was Alison Baker armed with here 7 ft rod and 12kg line and some sard caught a blue ray and a 46cm snapper kob while her boyfriend and a friend fishing with BG  8000 and metalloid rods blanked , well done that lady. The guys who night fished near the Banks got 1 kob, 1 lessor and a catface rockcod all were released. Most of the catches however have been small sharks from the shore including the Banks during the day.


Ski boat

Bottom fishing is still with lots and very small fish been caught and a mass of sea barbels been caught, normally at this time of year bottom fishing is very good but guys are coming back with as little as 5 fish been caught for the whole boat. Hopefully this rain will flush the sand banks out to sea, only time will tell.

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