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Fishing Report 23 August 2021

Fishing Report 23 August 2021

Weather for the Week.

This morning we were woken up by a thunderstorm so early in the morning, moving on we due to have a hot week with plenty of north wind swinging most evenings to a easterly.


Carl having travelled from his mountain hide out near Winterton was rewarded with a nice flat fish normally at this time of year Diamonds are caught in the river however this looks like a brown skate. Diamonds have been seen sunning themselves on the sand banks but are not taking bait. River water is very clean but cold so fishing is rather slow.


During the week several Rock Cod were caught on main beach the biggest was 3.77kg (ORI) Jan Sambriel though it back together with the smaller one, apart from the rockcod several species of small sharks were caught namely milky, smooth hound and spinners. It seems as though the reef in front of the Siyayi at the main beach has opened. When we are busy with a Turtle rescue we often asked if it plastic ingestion and we say know air bubbles in the carapace I will add a diagram and a note in the photo section credit to Saambr and the amazing work they do.

Ski boat

The much awaited fishing comp between the 2 clubs took place on Saturday, the club that catches the most Garrick gets bragging rights for the year, and unfortunately no fish were caught again this year however god banter and fun was had by all.  During the week 3 boats went out and caught mainly barbell and small fish despite conditions been quiet good.

uShaka Sea World is currently home to 11 previously stranded sea turtles. Our latest admission, Thor, a sub-adult green turtle arrived on 17th of August after stranding on the beach at Mtunzini. 

Eight sea turtles have been admitted to uShaka Sea World this year, all with varying health concerns. Thor is currently positively buoyant making it difficult to dive, evade predators or obtain food in the ocean. 

This is commonly encountered in the cases admitted and can be attributed to trauma, stress and amongst other things, infection. Rehabilitation varies from case to case, but Thor is looking stronger each day and we are optimistic about his recovery. 

Click the link below if you would like to find out more about our turtle rehabilitation work between 2004 and 2019.


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