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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 17 August 2021

Weather for the Week.

What a cold weekend we all had with another front on its way keep the coats handy.


Despite the cold a few guys ventured out and seemed to mainly catch River Bream, seems like they eat nonstop putting it another way they are perpetual munching machines. A friend of mine Ajay Ramlall also has a Face Book page Daiwa Anglers Fan Club South Africa put a interesting slide about the life span of river breamie at 2 years old it is 14cm, 12 years old 33cm and 20 years old 27cm, very slow growers so next time you catch one it might be older than some of our young readers and anglers.


This morning we buried a Green Turtle and saved one, it is safe at Ushaka Marine World where she will be given the best treatment, we are so lucky to have this fantastic facility right on our doorstep, they now have 3 Mtunzini Rescues, 2 are happy where they belong ie back in the sea, they get released as soon as they are better. For some reason we have quite a few Turtles wash out and if not found by fisherman or hikers they die, the turtles are coming out of the water because they are ill and cannot dive due to an air bubble in the carapace, we nickname them floaters.

What to do if you find one.

Keep an eye on it.

Phone the parks board or myself 0825252923 or Ushaka Sea World 0313288222 O/H or 0313288060 A/H.

Do not wet it or put if back into the water it stresses the animal and makes it more tiered  and weaker we need the Turtle to be as strong as possible to give it a better survival chance.

Depending what the rangers are doing it can take about 30min to get to you unless of course you are on the main beach.

Ski boat

This weekend Nanook got some Tuna with white spots in its flesh, this is a bacteria so I am informed that can make people ill, freezing the meat does not kill the bacteria, I would be interested to find out more on this subject. Marcel and his mates went out of Richards Bay on Saturday afternoon and boated Southern Pompano, Snoek and some King fish while jigging, they were mighty brave as it was very cold. One snoek was 7.5kg not bad.

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