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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 27 July 2021

Fishing Report 27 July 2021

Weather for the Week.

Last week Mtunzini recorded its lowest temperature in 28 year at 1 degree previously it recorded a low of 1.8deg, so here’s to 28 more years of good fishing.


Plenty of size river bream are been caught at various spots together with small grunter and stumpies. We get asked in the shop so many times, “How can we catch bigger fish”, you have to change the way you fish totally you need to start using bigger baits and preferably live bait and lures, fish around structure and deep water, the deeper water is normally on the outside bend of the river and the channels are not always wide so casting into the middle will normally put you into shallow water and us you will catch fish there especially at night when the big fish are hunting for food, they do go over the banks in the day but not as often. The nearer the river mouth the better and if you don’t have a boat you can walk from the main car park at the lagoon, you will find good spots along the way or you can drive to the old Shangri-La Resort at Port Dunford and walk from there. The Amatikulu is closed to the sea at the moment.


With the sea been on its head since last Tuesday afternoon the guys went down yesterday expecting to see a massive side wash which turned out not to be however there was a reverse wash i.e. North to South but very slight, barbels came on the bite and then a Geelbek of 12.06 Kg was landed by Pine, a very rare visitor to our shores in the area. These fish are normally caught far out to sea by ski boats in Natal, they make their way to Natal following the sardines and breed here in the warmers before making their way back to the Cape.


Ski boat

Nanook went out to High Point on Sunday and boated some Tuna however the rain chased them off the sea and the left Frigate out there and reports  were they had not landed a fish by the time Nanook left, which was strange as here in Zini we had clear skies even looking out to sea although we had a big shore break the sea conditions were good. There are no reports of smaller boats fishing inshore over the weekend.


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