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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 7 June 2021

Fishing Report 7 June 2021

Weather for the Week.

NE will be blowing all week and not very hard this will bring colour back to the water and calm the sea and stop the side wash.


The lagoon is very dirty from the rains we had last week and over the weekend however the fish are still biting especially on the incoming tide at the stone wall area. Lots of small Cob have been caught and some bigger ones seen along the rocks after the steel bridge, the guys staying overnight should sit at the main lagoon car park with live bait to catch the really big ones better still if you have a boat and can get to the stone wall area better still. A Bartail and River Goby were caught over the weekend, 2 unusual species but there a lot of River Bream and nice size ones been caught.


Side wash and coffee colour water meant the sea was unplayable however the wash is slowing down and the colour is returning to normal which is good news for the Nationals that is taking place from Thursday to Saturday in front of the forest lodge the teams are arriving already WP and part of a team from Pretoria are here and will be fishing during the week, the format of the tournament is similar to peg fishing with rules as to how far they can move about and how far they can go into the water likewise with all sports spectators are not allowed however if you walking past them do so from behind there are they fishing in and try not walk along the water’s edge if you want to watch please do so from a distance.

Ski boat

Apart from everyone is desperate to go out not much has been happening increment weather been the culprit.

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