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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 1 June 2021

Fishing Report 1 June 2021

Weather for the Week.

Today and tomorrow the conditions are fishable however sea and weather conditions make the sea unplayable.


In the early hours of Saturday morning a diesel tanker was involved in an accident and caught fire, not all the diesel burned and some made its way into the estuary early reports are that not much damage was done as guys were still catching fish however only time will tell. There is a crocodile hanging around the fishing spots and does not seem scared of boats please keep an eye out for it, it is about 1.5m long and hangs around  from the Steel Bridge area to the main car park. Markers have been planted at the steel bridge to mark the hazards and correct channel to go under the bridge, it you not sure on the pipe on the bridge is 5 pieces of reflective tape go through that arch. The markers are marked on the eastern side only ie when you are traveling up river.


Cob have started coming out early mornings and late afternoon into the evening but you got to be at the right spot at the right time an example of this was 7 guys fishing in a spot caught nothing but a group fishing 3km away caught 9 all making size another example at Boyens the guys fishing on the south bank of the mouth caught fish while the guys on the north bank only got Spinners. Justin managed a 1.5kg Pompano at old ramp and Miles while on holiday caught his 2nd and 3rd fish in the sea a Milky and a Spinner Shark.  Guys have caught some good size Kob fishing near the river mouth and from Dunford side but no report of Garrick yet, however they could be keeping that quiet.

Ski boat

On Saturday Nick went out to high point and got 2 nice Couta however the weather has not been great lately, Marcel went out earlier in the week and got a few bottoms. On the 12th of June 2021 Ocean Life is organizing a rally at Alkanstrand Beach to protest against drilling behind High Point for Oil, this exploration often ends in tears for our marine live surly we don’t need it near our fishing grounds if you have a surfboard paddle ski or boat go join in.


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